Current Price List – 2024

Firearm Transfers (Per 4473)

First (1) Firearm –                       $15
Additional Firearms* –              $10 each
TBI Background Check Fee –    $10

Please contact us if you would like us to accept a transfer from another licensed dealer.

*Additional firearms must be in the same shipment or arrive on the same calendar day to qualify. Additional fees may apply for transfers of 10+ firearms.



Class 3 (NFA) Transfers

Single silencer transfer –           $50
SBS/SBR transfer –                     $80
MG transfers –                            inquire
Silencer Shop Filing Fee* –        $30
EFT Fingerprint Service –           $45
Fingerprint Cards (set of 2) –     $20
Fingerprint Card Shipping –       $12

*Silencer Shop fee only applies to items purchased outside of and transferred using Silencer Shop.

Outgoing Transfers

Handgun (Includes Shipping) –       $55
Long Gun (Includes Shipping) –      $65

IMPORTANT TRANSFER INFORMATION: If you fail to pass the background check when picking up your item you will have 30 days to arrange for a return to your seller before you forfeit the property. We will collect the transfer fee before we assist in the return shipping of the firearm. Also we are not permitted to allow anyone other than the person named on the shipment to pick up the transfer.




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